Linear Amplifier HLA-300V PLUS HP bordeaux 2SC2879 500W


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Frequency 1.8-30 MHz
Supply 13,5 Vcc

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ES Radiotel HLA-300V PLUS HP (500W)

Boosted version with 2SC2879

  • New product complete with warranty seals

  • Output power indicator
  • Potected against polarity inversion, over temperature, over input power and high SWR
  • 6 output low pass filters can be set manually or selected in automatic way by processor
  • Forced multispeed ventilation

The HLA-300V HP is an high-power linear amplifier designed to operate in all modes on all HF ham radio bands (1.8-30 Mhz). In order to significantly reduce the harmonic emissions, it has been equipped with Cauer filters (elliptical) with cutting frequencies of 3/4.5/8/15/22/31 Mhz. A microprocessor supervises on all amplificator functions:

➢ Detects the input frequency and sets the related filter when the amp is in AUT. mode;

➢ Detects the input power and, if too high, puts on the -3dB attenuator to halve it.

➢ Check the heat-sink temperature and, if too high, activates the second fans speed.

➢ Checks the antenna stationary waves and shutdowns the amplifier if the SWR is too high.


Transistor:  2SC2879 HP

Frequency:  1.8-30 Mhz

Supply:  13.8V

Current absorption:  Max 60A

Input power SSB-FM:  Max 35W

Input power AM:  Max 25W

Average output power:  500W SSB-FM

Fuses:  4 x 16A

Bypass power:  Max 100W

Class:  AB

Harmonic values (average):  -45 dB

Excellent linearity


➢ Be sure to use an high-quality power supply, able to guarantee a stable

output tension of 13,8V at the max power absorption. We suggest the

E-SCN-1000, a professional switching power supply available on our webshop.

➢ Ensure that the selected frequency band is correspondent to the operative frequency.

➢ Don't use an input power higher than the max value indicated.

➢ Avoid to stress the amplifier excessively, driving it at the max input  power allowed for long work sessions.

➢ Check that all links are made correctly.

➢ A mismatched antenna with high stationary waves and unsuited to carry the max output power can cause permanent damages to the amplifier.

Respect strictly the values ​​indicated. Warranty does not cover damages caused by  improper use.

Please, note that the real max output power of the HLA-300V PLUS standard version is 300W PEP (it's assembled with 4 SD1446, about 80W each) and not 550W PEP, as declared by many unauthorized resellers.


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Linear Amplifier HLA-300V PLUS HP bordeaux 2SC2879 500W

Linear Amplifier HLA-300V PLUS HP bordeaux 2SC2879 500W

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